The crew is a very essential part of the vision and the atmosphere of the yacht!

Lounge Yachting will provide the yacht and her Owner with certified and trained crew members who will ensure the quality and the professional service onboard. The crew issue is one of the most important as the right crew is providing the quality of the final product. The charter itself is a complicated product based on carefully selected elements of maintenance, technical and administrative support, navigational and provisioning planning and the crew is the element that finalise that product. The crew is responsible for the unforgettable experience of your guests onboard and builds the reputation of your yacht!

The yacht management is an essential part of the correct maintenance of the yacht in all aspects. It ensures that your yacht is kept in top shape and is ready to face and meet all the challenges and standards that the rapid development of the yachting industry creates. Lounge Yachting will train and make sure that every member of the crew executes all the responsibilities and duties that his/her position requires.

Enjoy your yacht and leave the rest to us! Our management services will help you create the desired vision, reputation and quality !

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time! Lounge yachting is there for you!